A deeper look into eye and cosmetic surgery

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There has been a lot of buzz around cosmetic surgery and how it can make you look younger, fuller and makes you more attractive, more beautiful or handsome. Many celebrities particularly in Europe, North America, Japan and Australia have undergone different cosmetic surgery procedures done on their faces such as eyelid surgery, brow elevation, BOTOX injections and a whole lot of others such as face lift and so forth.

Australia and cosmetic eye surgery

Many people in Australia are considering visiting eye surgeons (oculoplastic surgeons) or eye surgery clinic to get eyelid and eye brow surgery and eliminate the “bored look” or “tired look” that is caused by drooping eyelids. This is more common with people in their forties or well into their golden years.

What is the purpose of cosmetic eye surgery?

The main complication that eye surgery treats is eyelid surgery which is commonly referred to as blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty is done on either the upper lid (eyelid tuck) or on the lower lid. For the upper lid, a bilateral blepharoplasty is done to eliminate the folds of skin and fat under the skin which is located directly above the eyelashes. This is where ladies apply “eye shadow” makeup and is literally called the “eye shadow space”. On the other hand, the lower lid surgery involves eliminating small bags of fat which form under the lower eyelid. This makes your eyes look rejuvenated and free of wrinkled skin under the eyes.

Procedures done in eye surgery

There are a couple of procedures which can be offered many eye surgeon which include blepharoplasty, brow lifts, tear duct and eye socket surgery among many others. Blepharoplasty is the most common procedure which generally records patients of age forty and beyond.

Why is blepharoplasty so common?

This is mainly attributed to the fact that as one grows older, folds of skin start forming on the upper eyelid and also on the lower eyelid. On the lower eyelid however, the skin folds and fat under the skin accumulates. This forms bags of fat under the eyes which make your lower eyelids look heavy and tired. These folds of skin are removed by blepharoplasty. Brow lifts also include a blepharoplasty followed by surgery on the upper socket which lifts the brow.

Success rate of cosmetic eye surgery

Eye surgeon who has recorded many successful surgeries where customer dissatisfaction is very low. Many people benefit from cosmetic eye surgery with a more than 90% success rate in Australia. As is the case with surgeries, there are some risks involved such as asymmetry, infection of the tissues, scarring and also nerve damage. These can be avoided by visiting credible oculoplastic surgeons only such as Dr Rodger Davies – Eye Surgery. This will get you a good eye surgery procedure which will last you for ten to fifteen years.

Cosmetic eye surgery in Australia

There are many plastic surgeons offering face lifts, lip and nose surgery as well as eye surgery. It is important to get the best services for your cosmetic surgery such as those offered by various eye surgeon. It is recommended that you see a surgeon who has specialized in cosmetic procedures concerning the eye and the area around it.