Addiction Treatment AND Rehab for Pets

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Pet-friendly Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres that Allow Cats and Dogs

53 million Americans (12 and over) currently abuse illegal drugs or misuse prescription medications.

What is a Pet-Friendly Rehabilitation Center?

Best Pet Friendly Rehab facilities allow patients to bring their pets along and/or include animal assisted therapy in their treatment plans. Recovering individuals can benefit from the companionship and support of their pets.

Are Rehab Centers Open to Pets?

It all depends on your facility’s policies. Some rehab centers allow pets, while others do not. Some pet-friendly centers allow certain breeds of pets, while others do not.

It’s possible to bring your pet along to rehab with you, or ask your loved ones to do so. Contact them to verify that they allow pets.

What can pets do to help with addiction treatment?

Animal-assisted treatment can be a useful addition to other treatments for substance abuse disorders. This issue was explored in a study. Participants in animal-assisted treatment showed improvement in impulse control and other skills. They were also more satisfied with their lives and maintained abstinence.

Do Rehab Centers Allow Dogs

Some facilities offer dog-friendly rehab. Some rehab facilities allow pets to accompany their patients. There are also facilities that allow therapy animals. This can vary from one facility to the next so it is best to verify this by calling your treatment center. Dogs, for example, may be allowed to visit the facility to encourage and boost patients’ morale. They may also be part of educational groups.

What does a trained service dog do for rehabilitation?

People with mental disorders such as alcoholism or drug abuse can be helped by service dogs. They are trained to perform specific tasks according to their owners’ needs. The Americans with Disabilities Act allows them to accompany their owners wherever they go. This includes rehab centers.

What are emotional support dogs?

Emotional support dogs are trained to help owners with mental disorders. Although they can’t be trained to do any specific tasks for their owners, emotional support dogs must be well-behaved. Their purpose is to be companions, help, and provide hope for their owners. You should ensure that the facility you choose allows dogs to stay with their owners in emotional support.

What is Pet Therapy and Animal-Assisted Therapy, Anyway?

In pet-friendly treatment centres, trained animals such as horses and dogs can be used to treat substance abuse disorders. Patients with co-occurring disorders or substance abuse disorders may find animal-assisted therapy a useful adjunctive treatment.

Rehab Centers that allow cats are they allowed?

Cats can be a better companion for elderly people than dogs in some situations. They require less care than dogs. In one study, owners of cats said that they gave unconditional love and affection to their pets. Research also showed that cats can be emotionally attached to their owners just as strongly to dogs. These are just a few of the reasons to consider cat-friendly rehab.