Affordable Health Insurance For Individuals

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Researching affordable health plans may have you wondering if such a thing actually exists, or if they are simply a hyped-up marketing plan by big insurance companies. While searching for a health plan that meets your individual or family’s needs can be time consuming, it is worth the effort to shop around.

Commercial health insurance can be purchased from many different places. There are several options when it comes to purchasing a health plan. You could use a broker, a managing agency, or go straight to the insurance company. With either choice, comparing health plan rates online is a popular and convenient choice for many consumers.

Many online health plan websites also offer a toll-free number to speak to an insurance agent who is specially trained to help you determine which health plan meets your needs. Some websites also offer an online glossary of health insurance jargon to help you better understand the details of different types of policies.

The stark reality if health insurance is that consumers who purchase their own health insurance must pay high premiums for the same coverage that consumers with employer-sponsored health insurance receive. Most employers pay a large portion of the monthly premiums required to maintain a decent health plan.

If you are self-employed, your out-of-pocket expenses for your medical care, including your monthly premiums, may be tax deductible. Talk to you accountant, local tax office, or visit the IRS website to get further information concerning deducting healthcare expenses on your tax return. Getting a discount on your tax burden could counterbalance the expense of health self-insurance.

Bundling your health insurance with other insurance plans, such as automobile, life, homeowner’s, or flood insurance, can often return a big savings. Before choosing a general insurance agent, you should make sure to look around, as you can get very good discounts by purchasing several insurance polices from the same company.

If you are in relatively good health, are a non-smoker, and maintain your ideal body weight it may be to your advantage to consider a health plan that requires pre-admission testing. These types of health plans require a battery of tests similar to an annual physical exam, or yearly check-up before being approved for coverage. If you are young and quite healthy, it might be a good financial move to consider one of these plans. Be aware, though, that they are not for everybody.

It is possible to find an affordable health plan for nearly every individual; it just takes persistence and time to scrutinize the fine details of the various plans available. For help in choosing affordable health insurance plans in your city, talk to an insurance agent to sort through the jargon and options available in the available plans. Affordable health plans do exist, but they are often hidden beneath a multitude of more expensive plans with expensive frills you can do without.

Sandra Karpel enjoys sharing her extensive knowledge of health insurance and her training in preventative and natural healing provides an excellent background for helping clients navigate world of insurance and utilizing plans to provide for alternative health care.