Best Passports for Visa-Free Travel

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If you had the opportunity to get a passport from any country on the planet, you’d look for one that provided you with the most advantages and the best piece of free travel opportunities, wouldn’t you?

Best Passports for Visa-Free Travel

Those that travel internationally understand that the passport is so much more than just a booklet of destination stamps and a means of identification. It is quite literally your ticket to the known world, and can either open up a tremendous amount of doors and opportunities for you or will shut you off from locations that will be “inaccessible” without some very creative – and sometimes illegal – approaches.

If you’ve ever wondered which of the world’s passports where the very best to have for visa free travel that opened up the most global destinations to you, you’ve come to the right place. We are going to break down some of the best passports on the planet as well as provide you with a little bit of extra insight into why these passports are so advantageous.

Shall we dive right in?

Why visa free travel is so important

Almost every country on the planet usually requires non-nationals to have a visa issued by the government that allows them into the country, so a lot of countries have “partnerships” with other nations that allow their passport holders to enter into the country without having to go through the visa filing process in the first place.

Visa free travel opens up a tremendous amount of opportunities that wouldn’t have been available otherwise, as the visa restrictions put in place by specific governments can be a difficult hurdle to overcome and the application process can be quite considerable as well. If your passport allows you visa free entry into other nations, you’ll be able to visit as often as you like without any restriction – a big boost for those that want to jet around the world at the drop of a hat and especially those that are looking to conduct business on a global scale.

Which global passports are the best of the bunch?

The European Union

If you are a citizen of the European Union, the odds are pretty good that you’re going to be able to maximize your visa free opportunities. Nine out of the top 10 countries to have a passport from are in the European Union, and passport holders from this area will be able to bounce from one global destination to the other without too many restrictions.

The United States

The US allows passport holders to visit 172 different countries without a visa, a significant jump from 2012 when this country wouldn’t have even cracked the top 10 list.

Singapore is in the top 25

Offering passport holders the opportunity to travel to 167 countries without a visa, Singapore is in the top 25 – but still five countries away from cracking the top 20 list.

It’s a lot better than being a passport holder from Afghanistan, which only offers visa free travel to 28 countries around the world!

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