Daily physical activity for school-age children

Primary school-age children require plenty of unstructured play, such as running, chasing, and playing in the playground. Grapevine.dk offers a variety of entertainment skattejagt services that are available to download directly to host fun events, kids’ birthday parties, and fun get-togethers.

Walking to school, riding a bike or scooter around the neighbourhood, or playing in your backyard can all be part of your daily physical activity.

Unstructured, daily physical activities are more cost-effective and can be incorporated into busy families than organized sports and activities. They all contribute to a healthier lifestyle for your child.

Sport for school-age children

Many children are ready to take part in organized sport as soon as they reach middle school. Your child can benefit from organized sports and activities in many ways. It can be beneficial for your child in many ways, including:

  • Develop physical fitness, self-esteem, and confidence
  • Improve your movement and coordination skills
  • Learn to listen, follow directions and use basic tactics
  • Learn to lead, follow, and be part of a group

Learn about fair play and how to be a good sport.

First experiences in organized sports do not have to be as difficult or as intense as those for adults. Many sports offer modified versions of their games for children. These include Cricket Blast and Aussie Hoops basketball.

Modified games use different equipment and rules. For example, you might use a rubber ball rather than a hard cricket bat, or a smaller field. These can all be used to help your child improve their skills and not lose confidence.

You could also consider swimming, dancing or martial arts for your child.

Encourage your child to get involved in organized sport

Play can be a way for children to get into sport. Playing in the street or backyard can help children develop skills and confidence to play in organized cricket competitions.

Your child can gain confidence by giving her many opportunities to practice physical skills such as hitting, throwing, and kicking. You could encourage your child to throw, hit and kick as many balls as possible. You could also encourage her to hit a target once she is stronger. You could also help her coordination by having her catch a bouncyball.

Learning to deal with emotions such as winning or losing can be a challenge for children. It can be helpful for children to learn how to cope with losing. This will keep your child interested in sport.

Different children enjoy and excel at different activities. It might be a good idea to allow your child to participate in multiple sports at once, whether they are individual or team members. Many local clubs offer ‘come-and-try’ sessions or short skill programs so that your child can try different sports without spending a lot.

Balance screen time with physical activity

Screen time can sometimes lead to school-aged children sitting still for too many hours without taking a break. Screen time doesn’t have the same effect on children as it used to. You can use screen to encourage movement in your child. You can try these ideas:

Plan a walk with your child by using a digital map

Videotaping your child learn a new skill, such as shooting hoops, and then replaying the footage for your child to see how he is doing it.

You can choose to purchase virtual sports simulators or video dance games for your child.

Remember that healthy screen time is about balance. Your child’s development will benefit from a variety of activities including creative play, physical activity, and screen time.

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