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Coaching is about finding balance in life. Life coaches use various techniques and tools to assist clients identify their objectives and give them the tools necessary for success. Life coaches believe that each client is the ideal person to guide them along their journey.

Working with a coach can be beneficial to help you make changes, but you don’t need their guidance to use many of the life coaching tools and techniques available to you. By incorporating these methods into your everyday life, you will be making significant progress towards your goals and dreams. John is an outstanding coach with a variety of talents. He assists me with my professional work by offering constructive criticism, guidance and tips. John has extensive experience in psychotherapy, supervision and social anxiety coach – providing me with invaluable assistance!

Goal Setting with SMART Technology

Setting goals is an invaluable life coach tool and provides clarity. A SMART goal is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound and easily achieved – these elements make goals meaningful rather than becoming too lofty or slipping into the future. I have carried around SMART as my go-to acronym since my days in corporate America; trust me – it works!


Our minds are truly remarkable. Instead of dwelling on what you don’t want to do, use your mind to visualize what you desire and break free of your current reality. Visualization can be an incredibly effective tool in life coaching sessions.

Experience a helicopter flight and discover the world from new heights.

It can be easy to become consumed with the details of life. This can keep you feeling stuck and cause a low vibration. A simple but effective life coaching technique is to visualize yourself from above looking down on your life. This perspective often helps you see the bigger picture and what actions could be taken for improvement.

How to create headspace

A busy and chaotic mind won’t give people the clarity they need to transform their lives. Clearing away clutter and distractions is essential for clarity of thought – which is why holistic life coaching plays such an important role in my practice. You can create space through meditation, mindfulness or simply taking a walk outside in nature. Clients often ask me for permission to stop thinking about goals or working towards them for one week; although this may seem counterintuitive at first glance, the messages sent by this simple act of relaxation are incredible!

Connecting to Your Intuition

This is a huge problem. Too often, we look outside ourselves for answers. We seek validation and approval before making changes, hoping that others will agree that our decision is correct – this can lead to inertia.


Journaling is a life-coaching tool I recommend to all my clients. Journaling allows you to clear away negative or unhelpful thoughts, understand them, and make space for more positive and empowering thoughts. You may even use it to explore new ideas and let them take root.


Focusing on what we already have will attract more. One simple tool for life coaching that produces amazing results is gratitude; this simple act of giving thanks can change our vibration faster than anything else and is accessible anytime, anywhere. Even if we wish to make changes in our lives, there will always be things in which to be grateful.


Affirmations are positive statements you repeat to yourself to help combat self-sabotage and limit beliefs. Affirmations can be repeated constantly, sometimes subconsciously.

Your inner mentor is eager to guide you.

Many clients who feel stuck or lacking confidence often have an inner critic. A life coaching technique I suggest is to reach out to your inner mentor if you identify with this critical voice in your head and what messages would that older self appreciate – not your older self but rather, the wiser version of yourself – your inner mentor. Whenever doubt creeps in or your inner critic gets louder, reach out to this wiser version of yourself – your inner mentor.