Exercise and Fitness – What is Lifetime of Fitness?

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Written By MartinCorbett

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Let us explore what is lifetime fitness from the point of exercise and fitness. Even though health and fitness sound synonymous it is relevant to mark the subtle nuances of difference between them. If you do not suffer from any sickness you may be considered healthy, but you may be way below your optimal fitness level. Interestingly, while health indicates the absence of diseases fitness denotes the presence of a positive quality of our body. It has been observed that stress and strain of your everyday existence may have a bearing on your health, but your fitness is always in your hands as long as you remain loyal to a set of good habits and a healthy lifestyle. Your fitness level is a measure of your body’s ability to perform all necessary daily activities effectively and efficiently. This is not to be confused with fitness for sport, which demands a much higher level of strength and stamina needed for a successful career as a sports person.

When our body functions at the peak of its efficiency with great agility it works like an excellent fuel-efficient car. Even an obese person can be said to be healthy but not fit, as the extra flab on his body would affect his physical stamina and efficiency. Your search for fitness may either be triggered by peer influence or a deep urge in you to be in a physical state where you perform like an automobile with a 16-cylinder engine.  A sense of excellence is vital to your intense desire to remain fit. Many people stretch this sense of physical excellence to the other planes of mental, emotional, and spiritual excellence, and go on to emerge as icons to be emulated by mere mortals.

When you see a slim smart man with a good physique standing in an erect position or a woman with a fine figure and excellent vital statistics your aesthetic sense is overwhelmed enough to fill you with a deep longing to be the master of such a physically fit body.

Such profound experiences motivate many people to embark on the pursuit of a lifelong fitness program, combining exercise and fitness together. On the spur of such an inspired moment you make a resolution and start a strict regimen of diet and exercise with a bang. Those of you with a strong will are able to carry on with their regimen without ever giving up, but the fickle ones begin to falter as weeks and months go by allowing their resolve to fade into a short-lived fad.

It is important to understand that lifetime fitness is not a matter of a passing fad. Lifetime fitness demands one hundred per cent commitment on your part. Don’t take it as an obsession. Instead, make it a mission in your life for which you must relentlessly strive. Once you have resolved to achieve and maintain your fitness don’t ever let your tempo slacken off. Don’t allow your old ways of a slothful lifestyle to prevail over your determination and dampen your spirit. Never yield to the temptation of a life of ease and self-indulgence as it may pull you back into the same old rut of gluttony and physical inactivity.

Various kinds of fitness centers have mushroomed both in urban and rural areas. Joining one of such posh and elite clubs would not guarantee your staying fit all your life. Yes, it helps in many other ways too. When you meet like-minded people pursuing the same goal you boost each other’s morale by reminding each other of your professed mission. Your interaction energizes your spirit and you practice your daily regime of exercises religiously with a missionary zeal.