Gift ideas that are affordable for every day of Hanukkah

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Hanukkah is right around the corner. The Jewish holiday begins on Tuesday, December 16 and ends on Wednesday, December 24.

Gifts were never part of Hanukkah’s tradition. Instead, children were given gelt (a small amount of money and chocolate coins). Some parents include gift-giving in their Hanukkah celebrations.

There are many choices when it comes to judaica webstore Hanukkah gifts that you can choose from. These eight gift ideas will bring a smile on your children’s faces without breaking the bank.

Day 1 — Traditional gifts: Give your children traditional Hanukkah gifts such as a dreidel or gelt. Chocolate coins and menorah are acceptable too. You can create lasting family memories by teaching your children how to play the dreidel and then playing it together.

Day 2 — Puzzles and Games. Take inventory of all your children’s puzzles, games, and find any childhood favorites they are missing. Buy old favorites such as Candy Land, Monopoly, and Clue and give them away to your children to enjoy together. You can all work together on a large puzzle throughout the evening.

Day Three — Books. Choose three books per child, based on their reading level and interests. Reading is a great way for children to expand their vocabulary and provide hours of entertainment. Local libraries are a great place to buy books at a low price. Many have small book shops where books donated can find new homes.

Day Four — Gifts for the Family This surprise can be as extravagant or as simple as you like, but the main thing is to spend time with your family. You can let your children choose a movie or treat them to pizza. These are some budget-friendly options. Groupon and Living Social offer discounts on local restaurants, activities, and getaways.

Day Five — Pajamas for Children: You could use some new pajamas for your children. Make this a fun gift with a pair of silly or favorite characters pajamas. You can find high-quality pajamas at a discount price if you shop around.

Day Six — Charitable giving: Show your children the joy and value of giving by dedicating a night to charity. As a family, decide which charity you will donate the money to. You can also buy gifts for children’s charities.

Day Seven — Favorite Products: Give each child a gift bag containing their favourite items. These items don’t need to be costly. You can find them all year long if you’re able to find them on sale. You can find candy, jewelry, cosmetics, art supplies and snack foods that your kids will love.

Day 8 — Handmade gifts: Gifts don’t always have to be bought in stores. Instead, gift your child with something handmade. This is a great way to make gifts for your children if you have multiple kids. Looking for ideas? For inspiration, visit Pinterest.