The Importance of Physical Fitness Among Youth to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

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Leading a healthy lifestyle during youth enhances the prospect of a good life as an adult. The importance of physical fitness cannot be accentuated enough. Today, with the advancement of technology and busy lifestyle, most people lead a sedentary lifestyle, which ultimately leads to a number of diseases like hypertension, heart disease, chronic diseases, diabetes and obesity even at a young age. In addition, the days of adolescence, many get fascinated to indulge in activities such as smoking, drinking, etc., which definitely offers a temporary satisfaction but adversely affects the health. The majority of youth does not realize the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but when they start ageing and are attacked by a number of diseases, they understand and realize its importance. Here are some reasons why physical fitness among youth is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

Keep obesity at bay: Today, parents pay more stress on academics than on outdoor activities, which causes weight problems, especially obesity. Obesity is not just gaining extra pounds, but it is a cause of many diseases. With regular exercise and outdoor activities, obesity can be kept at bay to live a better, as well as healthier life.

Maintain a better mental health: Depression among youth has been witnessed in recent times and has increased to a great extent, which is a serious issue. Studies have proved that lack of physical activities affects the mental health leading to issues like stress, depression and anxiety. Regular exercise can help in keeping both mind and body fit. It helps in maintaining a better mental health and is a great stress reliever.

Deal with insomnia: Insomnia is a sleep disorder, which results in the lack of sleep or the ability to fall asleep. It has become quite common among both youth, as well as adults, and this can as well be related to lack of adequate physical activity. Insomnia can affect the health as the lack of proper sleep leads to several diseases. Exercise is the best way to deal with insomnia and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Keep away diabetes: Now-a-days, many young people have fallen prey to the deadly disease, diabetes. Generally, improper diet is considered as the reason of this disease; however, food is not the only reason for this problem. Weight gain is one of the reasons that leads to this disease and weight gain is a result of lack of physical activity. With proper exercise and outdoor activities can help you save yourself from falling prey into the hands of this deadly disease.

Keep maintain cholesterol level: Increased cholesterol level can cause heart diseases, which can be fatal at times if not controlled at an early stage. In order to maintain the level of cholesterol, exercise combined with healthy food is important.

These are some of the reasons to understand the importance of physical fitness among youth to maintain a healthier life. It is essential, even for the elders to understand the importance of outdoor activities to keep the youth healthy as they are the future of the nation.

This article is written by an Indian Health & fitness expert who works as a fitness instructor in a reputed gym in New Delhi, India. He is a registered dietician and holds a doctoral degree in Nutrition and Biochemistry. He writes Daily health blog with short, easy tips on Health [] for youth on living longer and happier.