Lee Mcintyre’s Instant Internet Lifestyle: How To Really Make Money Online

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Written By MartinCorbett

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There are thousands of ways to make money online. You can create information websites with ad-sense, you can write articles reviewing click-bank products, you can sell ad-space on your website. All these techniques do work in their own right and you can make a good living but you are not going to make six figures a month. The fastest and most lucrative strategy, by far, is to create and sell information products which solve peoples problems. Audio’s, e-books, video courses that are instantly downloadable are perfect. No shipping costs, no inventory, people pay their money and you give them access to your content.

But its all well and good creating information audio’s and e-books but this is only the beginning. Real money isn’t made online selling $17 audio’s or $37 e-books. The way you will make six figures a month is by back-end selling to your existing customers.

Let me explain in more detail. Your online business has two ends, a front end and a back-end. Your front end is your $37 e-books and $17 audio’s which you are using to build your list of subscribers. This is not where the majority of your money should be made, in fact most marketers make very little selling just these types of products. All they are for is building your list, the real money is made in the BACK-END of your business. This is where you promote more of your products to your list, again and again.

‘Where do I get my subscribers from?’ I hear you say. The fastest way to build your email list is drive traffic to your squeeze page using affiliates. Go to click-bank and search for other product owners that are in your niche market, if they have a product selling well they more than likely have a big list which you can tap into. Approach them and offer a high commission, around 90%, of the sale price of your front end product and they will send all the subscribers on their list to your site. This is the perfect way to build a list in record time. Bingo, there is your list of subscribers to sell all your back-end products to.

When you buy Lee Mcintyre’s instant internet lifestyle. Lee shows you exactly how to create your first information product in record time, find all the affiliates you need to build your list and set up the perfect back-end sequence.