Novice Cook To Gourmet Cook Without Even Trying

No novice cook can consider themselves a gourmet cook. Achieving that status comes only at the end of a long road of cooking. Like any other art …. it takes practice, practice, practice to become a gourmet cook.

Perhaps it comes after long years of schooling where cooking, cooking, cooking is the word of the day and the end result is working in a top notch A – list restaurant in New York or Paris.

Then again. . ….. maybe the mother at home cooking meals every day for her family one day finds herself spending hours in the kitchen preparing one meal.. just because .. and loving it.

Could there possibly be a working mother who one time found preparing meals at the end of a long work day extremely tedious … finding herself looking for that extra special recipe for her husband’s birthday meal?

However achieved ….. it is after years of study and practice or years of doing everyday meals that one becomes a part of the “gourmet cooking world”.. suddenly opening up to the fact that not all recipes are the same .. and that cooking food has suddenly become an exciting challenge and fun.

Suddenly you can tell by just looking at a recipe whether it will taste good or not., how healthy it is, how appropriate to fill a “mood” …… simply by the combination of ingredients and spices and herbs and flavorings.

Those recipes that in the past seemed way too complicated or intricate now beckon you enticingly and family and friends begin looking forward to each and every meal you serve.

Your table settings become more simply elegant.

You find yourself looking more and more at kitchen “gadgets”.

In response to comments such as “that must have taken you forever to make” you honestly answer.. “oh not at all.. it really was simple!!”

To you .. the gourmet cook … it didn’t take long at all and it was simple.

To the novice cook .. it would take an eternity … far far from simple… and if you stop to think… that was you not all that long ago.

You have become a gourmet cook without even trying.

Your life cooking will never ever be the same as it was.

No longer will you be satisfied to make those “meat, potatoes and gravy” meals without that extra “something” in it.

No longer will you be satisfied to set your table without having candles on it.

No longer will you be able to let anyone leave the table without that one taste of sweetness that is dessert to balance the meal.

Perhaps you have recognized that in yourself … perhaps you haven’t … even though it is there.

Gourmet Cook.

It is not just the well schooled in France who achieve that status.


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