Simple Tips to Maintain Youthful and Beautiful Skin

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Written By MartinCorbett

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Age has an effect on our skin, making us less attractive as we get older. To keep looking our best and maintain youthful complexions, we spend thousands and test hundreds of products – some do show results though not exactly as promised; unfortunately some don’t deliver what they promise either; what may have been overlooked are fundamentals like skin-friendly habits and diet.

A good sleep

Healthy sleeping requires more than simply turning in early for seven hours’ rest; to ensure quality restful nights you must also wake early and ensure you get quality rest each night. Although staying up late to catch the latest movie may sound appealing and entertaining, in reality this only serves to damage skin cells and contributes to further wrinkle formation.

Sleep helps the skin repair itself after an exhausting day. Without enough restful restorative sleep, our complexion becomes dull and tired-looking. Make sure that at least an hour prior to bedtime you set away your phone; additionally, warm milk before sleeping may provide better quality restful restful restful slumber.

Drink more water

It is widely acknowledged that drinking more water improves both body and skin health. Although sleep, environment, and mood all play a factor, 8 glasses a day won’t do much good if working under pressure and/or lacking sleep are making your skin worse despite whatever quantity of hydration intake there may be.

Water may not harm us directly, but many report experiencing healthier skin soon after drinking enough daily – at least 7-8 glasses would do wonders! Plus I like taking an ice cold glass first thing each morning when waking up!


Personally, I believe exercising to be one of the most useful skin tips. Recently, my roommate has been trying to shed weight by exercising; maybe she has already succeeded a bit? I don’t know exactly.

What I know for certain is that she always appears with a clean and glowing apple red face when running or working out – I’m almost envious! Exercise is an excellent way to cleanse out dirt and oil that accumulates in pores while making skin appear more beautiful and healthy.

Yes, exercise can be beneficial, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be part of your everyday routine. Instead, visit the gym three times every week and get your sweat on!

Wash your skin properly

Cleansing our skin in an appropriate manner is key to glowing and healthy skin. To start off right, apply a more natural cleanser as skin care products with harmful chemicals or alcohol can dry and harm our complexions.

Apply cleanser in small circles. Be mindful to target what’s known as your “T-zone”, such as your nose and chin, for best results. Rinse face thoroughly for approximately 40 minutes with water; don’t stop here though; the skin works like a sponge – in order to clean it we must squeeze and squeeze to remove dirt from its depths.

Since we cannot ‘squeeze’ our skin, after using an effective cleanser again we can apply gentle pressure to our skin and take off excess dirt and oil from it. Use warm water when cleansing with an old towel or tissues paper instead of traditional towels when drying your skin afterwards.

Moisturize Your Skin

Moisturizing products can make skin appear more beautiful. Dry skin increases its risk for wrinkles; I like applying moisturizer after showering or prior to applying my makeup.

Sunscreen is a must have

If you want youthful and beautiful skin, sunscreens are essential. Applying daily will protect you from UV rays from the sun that could potentially harm your complexion, as well as help prevent wrinkles from appearing, thus keeping you looking young and beautiful!