The Signs of Autism in Babies

What are the signs and symptoms of autism in babies?

A baby with autism doesn’t have to change their physical appearance. Autism can affect the way babies communicate with others and how they relate to the outside world.

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Autism is a spectrum condition, meaning that signs, symptoms and abilities of autism can vary greatly. These developmental differences can be difficult to spot, so it is important that you talk to your child’s healthcare professional or doctor if you are concerned.

Declining eye contact

From a young age, babies are able to make eye contact. Infants are able to locate faces and make eye contact by 2 months. Later, eye contact becomes a way to build social relationships and gain information about the surrounding environment.

Research has shown that autism spectrum disorder (ASD), in which babies lose eye contact, is diagnosed around two months old. This may indicate autism in the early stages.

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Very little gesturing or pointing

Babies learn to gesture well before they can talk. Gesture is actually one of the earliest forms for communication. Children with autistic development tend to gesture and point less than those without. Sometimes, a delay in language development can be indicated by a child’s inability to point.

A developmental difference can also be seen in infants whose gaze is not directed at you while you are pointing at something. This skill is sometimes called “jointattention.” Autistic children often have decreased joint attention.

They may not receive any or very little response.

Most infants are able to recognize their names by 6 months of age, particularly when they hear their mother speak them.

Autism infants have a developmental difference. Many babies with ASD at 9 months old don’t know their names and can’t orient themselves to their surroundings. This is often seen as a pattern or non-response rather than one instance, according to researchers.

Reduction in emotion in facial expressions

The nonverbal communication of thoughts and feelings through facial expressions is possible with facial expressions.

Although research on autistic infants’ emotional expression is still limited, studies that involved school-aged children have shown that autistic children express less emotion through facial expressions.

This doesn’t mean that autistic children feel less emotion. However, it does mean that they show less emotion when they do.

Language or speech delay

Talking starts at different ages in toddlers and babies. Research has shown that children with autism at the age of 12 months often understand and say fewer words than those who have nonautistic development. Talking to a pediatrician is a good idea if a child doesn’t say single words at 16 months, or isn’t using two-word phrases before age 2.

According to the National Institutes on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, language development can be uneven. There could be exceptional language development in certain areas and impairment elsewhere.


Autism is when a toddler or infant loses the skills and abilities they had developed. Parents and caregivers can be affected by this condition.

Regression is a mystery to researchers. Researchers don’t know if there are any known connections to childhood experiences, diseases, and medications.

One-third of autistic children experience a loss in skills during their childhood and early adulthood. Language skills are the most affected. Around 94% of autistic children lose their language skills. Talk to your pediatrician if your baby has lost the ability to communicate with others, such as gestures, eye contact, gestures, and other social behaviors, especially if they have stopped talking or making eye contact.

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What is autism?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is a group of developmental differences that can affect how people communicate, behave and interact with other people.

According to the CDC, 1 in 54 children are autistic. Although autistic children are more common in boys than girls, it can be found in all socioeconomic and ethnic groups.

What causes autism?

Autism has many characteristics so researchers believe it could have multiple causes. Here are some possible causes of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).


  • Exposure to certain environmental toxicants, such as pesticides or traffic-generated pollution
  • Tuberous sclerosis and fragile X syndrome are two examples of chromosomal conditions.
  • Certain medications that are taken during pregnancy include thalidomide and valproic acid.
  • Being born to parents who are older

Low birth weight

  • Loss of oxygen during birth
  • Mothers with diabetes, obesity or other immune disorders
  • Immune disorders, metabolic conditions, brain connectivity and brain connectivity differences

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  • The causes of autism are still being researched. Multiple studies have proven that vaccines (immunizations), do not cause autism.

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