There are 3 Master’s degrees in Public Health (MPH)

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These concentrations may prove advantageous to your career development.

Your master’s degree should be an equally challenging undertaking. Goodwin University’s Master of Public Health program (MPH) offers three concentrations that will empower you to take control of your professional life.

Core courses such as Principles of Epidemiology, Research Methods and Biostatistics are required to finish this program – totaling 33 credits. This comprehensive curriculum equips students with fundamental knowledge and skills in policy analysis and public health leadership; however nine credits of the last nine credits focus on a public health concentration so students can choose one that best suits their career objectives in public health. Having specific experience in each focus area offers many long-term advantages to public health professionals who possess it.

Are you considering an MPH degree or one of Goodwin University’s public health concentrations? Look no further – here is a breakdown of their three online MPH concentrations.

Community Health

Are you interested in implementing health programs or engaging with the public, then the Community Health concentration might be just what you’re searching for. Potential career options could include working as a director at a non-profit, policymaker at local level or public health educator. Opportunities in community health could arise at hospitals, community centres or other government agencies at state, local or federal levels. The following courses aim to build necessary skills:

  • Community Health Sciences
  • Evaluation for Community Health Program Planning, Research and Evaluation
  • Urban Health and Social Policy

These individuals possess strong interpersonal and communication abilities as well as knowledge of public policy issues and research methods. This public health career path is especially pertinent to social sciences, as the cultural makeup and needs of each target community will shape your intervention plans. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Association of American Medical Colleges published an article emphasizing the vital role community health workers play in providing vital connections between people and medical facilities that could save lives. Community health services offer more convenient access than their healthcare counterparts, allowing people to get faster care for urgent situations and access preventive health services through established networks of community health professionals.

Community health programs help people stay out of the hospital by encouraging healthy choices and connecting them to necessary services. You could become a Medical and Health Services Manager with an MPH in community health, or another related field.

Global Health

You might find the global health concentration in the MPH degree exciting if you are passionate about tackling major healthcare challenges in developing countries. By enrolling in classes as part of Goodwin University’s global health track, you will be well on your way to solving these problems.

  • Global Health Issues
  • Global Health Program Planning
  • Global Health: Essentials of Economics and Finance

People working in global healthcare are driven by a desire to protect human rights for those most at risk. Additionally, they strive to reduce barriers to healthcare access and funding programs, education programs and sustainability of provision. You may have heard of organizations like Doctors Without Borders (Doctors Without Borders), The World Bank or The World Health Organization; these are among the most influential global health providers with important missions and projects that may interest global health students.

Global health careers offer the unique opportunity to work directly with service recipients (e.g., an Emergency Management Director) or collect data in a research setting (e.g., an Epidemiologist). When considering your career options, take into account whether traveling and working long hours abroad make more sense to you than spending time in a laboratory using computer modeling programs.

Management and Policy in Healthcare

Public health professionals may observe changes firsthand, but it’s the health policy and management managers who create budgets and laws to enable public systems to function. At Goodwin University, you will gain training in this area as well as courses on economics and public health law.

  • S. Policy and Health Economics
  • Public Health Law
  • Public Health Policy as a Prevention Strategy

This concentration in MPH prepares public health professionals for work in non-profit and government settings. Policy making can be a rewarding career choice for those passionate about advocacy work and judicial reform. The CDC policy creation process involves five steps: problem identification/analysis; strategy development/policy creation; policy enactment/implementation/strategies. For the CDC and other public health policymakers like it to get funding or allocate resources efficiently, they must demonstrate each step’s importance to stakeholders. These are the skills that anyone working in public health management or policy will need on a day-to-day basis.

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