Two-Way Radios Help “Uncle Julio’s” to Find Success

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We were able to communicate with our team quickly and efficiently by equipping them with two-way radios. It allows us to turn tables quicker by keeping the dining experience at pace.” Uncle Julio’s offers a casual, polished experience with plenty of engaging opportunities for guests. You’ll find items such as guacamole, -321 Liquidnitrogen Margarita prepared tableside, and the Chocolate Pinata dessert.

Uncle Julio’s Night Out isn’t just for special guests. They are looking for delicious, homemade food and a friendly atmosphere. They know that they will have a great time when they are welcomed with a lively smile. Uncle Julio trains uncle ron front of house hosts, bussers and servers to ensure that guests arrive with high expectations. For those who are too busy to eat in the restaurant, they have a dedicated To-Go Specialist, who is a trained server.

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The Challenge: Uncle Julio’s didn’t have a problem with personnel, but it did have a communication problem. Sta were not able to work together as a team. Staff were left feeling disorganized and less productive, which led to some staff being overwhelmed. Uncle Julio’s recognized the need to improve customer attention and employee coordination.

Increased speed of service: Motorola Two-Way Radios increased communication between staff members, which in turn boosted morale.

Improved service and hospitality: Customers expect Uncle Julio’s to give them the best when they dine at his restaurant. Team communication devices can be improved, which allows team members to spend more time with the guest. This will be measured in increased sales and higher guest satisfaction scores.

Streamlined Operations: Guests were seated quicker and more efficiently. Efficient communicate health and team functionality resulted in additional tableside sales.

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The conclusion: Uncle Julio’s Mexican cuisine is made fresh daily and offers a unique dining experience. Integration of Motorola Two-Way Radios in their operations provided them with the tools they needed to focus on the guest and increase attentiveness. Motorola Two-Way Radios improved team coordination and produced tangible improvements in service speed, accuracy, and quality.

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The solution: Motorola Two-Way Radios were the best choice for Uncle Julio. They are now able to see a faster turn time at the table, more efficiency at host stands, guests sitting faster, bus times improving, and increased tableside service sales as they continue to monitor the data. This includes sales of guacamole, -321 Liquidnitrogen Margaritas. Analytics was a crucial part of measuring their return-on-investment.