Ways Massage Therapists Can Work Smarter

Are You Enjoying Massage But Are You Realizing How Exhausting It Can Be? Physical and Emotionally Exhausting As an avid massage therapist, the physical and emotional demands can be exhausting and the risk of injury real. In order to protect both yourself and your body from becoming exhausted by massage therapy, taking good care in taking care of both is key if you plan to continue being one for as long as possible – one way of doing that would be studying various methods used by massage therapists when dealing with clients who require extensive work. Vegas Top Massage Staff have been specially chosen and are trained for their jobs. Their staff know more than you about the services you will require than you.

Massage therapists’ ability to work is usually determined by their energy level rather than by time constraints; full-time therapists typically see between 20-30 clients every week, which represents approximately 40 hours worth of work for most professionals. Given their energy limitations and time restraints, massage therapists must become efficient at what they do to deliver results without placing undue strain on themselves and their bodies. Finding effective strategies for accomplishing client objectives without overstretching yourself is of vital importance. If your conception of massage therapist work involves being big and strong, then chances are you are exerting too much energy into doing your job effectively. Massage, even deep massage, does not require significant physical strength – more about knowing how to apply pressure with finesse. Here are a few suggestions that may reduce the effort involved with regular massage sessions.

Lean On Me

Instead of exerting forceful and exhausting muscle use or pushing into tissue to get results, try shifting your weight onto the client and use weight rather than forceful muscles or pushing to achieve results. Muscle use or pushing into tissues can become tiresome over time while working too deeply can increase risk.

Instead, try simply placing your body weight on the tissue, and sink into its initial tight layer of tissue. As this layer breaks down and gives way to another tight one beneath, be patient as you create a massage experience that is both deep but comfortable for your client and enjoyable for you!

Big Jobs Require Big Tools

There’s an old saying that goes, “if all your toolbox contains is a hammer, everything looks like nail.” To ensure clients can receive assistance for various needs they present with, having an extensive collection of massage tools available is necessary. Massaging forearms has many advantages. Since forearms tend to be more durable than fingers or thumbs, massaging yours allows you to be more productive while decreasing wear-and-tear on fragile joints on your hands. Finding ways to ease the strain on your fingers and hands could extend and strengthen your career. Consider only using them to massage delicate areas such as client’s faces, heads, fingers and toes. As you continue using your forearms during massage therapy sessions, they may become more sensitive and provide you with a wider area of contact. Furthermore, having more work space opens up opportunities to address more problems clients are dealing with quicker.

Additionally, forearms can be an effective tool for supporting tissue since they offer a firm foundation from which your body weight can rest while providing an easy and comfortable touch for the user.

How Low do you Go?

If using your body weight to provide more intensive massage sessions for clients, you may find yourself needing to alter the height of the table. Before beginning a session ensure it is low enough for you and the client’s weight distribution evenly on top. When working with large or muscular clients who desire intense work, lower it a notch further for maximum comfort throughout their massage experience. Your health and wellbeing are of utmost importance during every massage experience!


Are You Doing Less Work and Receiving Similar Results? Massaging techniques require considerable energy. Take a moment to tune into your body as you massage; breathe deeply as you work and allow muscles to relax so you are no longer required to work them over. Doing this will not only conserve energy but will also make you more efficient; just like our clients feel us, so do they. Relaxation helps both parties, but if the massage ends with both parties feeling more stressed out than when they began then neither one benefits!

Feeling Stretched

Before massaging a muscle, put it into a stretch position prior to massaging it – this will increase the work you can perform without increasing your workload. Be wary of clients asking you to work on tight spots; often these tight spots are only signs of discomfort rather than their source; always identify where discomfort originates – usually you won’t require lots of pressure before it releases itself; often in exactly the area your patient complains of!

Client Participation

Most people take their breath for granted. But it is essential that participants in massage therapy sessions pay attention to how much air is coming into an area that’s restricted, especially if massaged parts are restricted in circulation or relaxation is limited in certain spots. Utilize client breath as an easy tool for deep relaxation of both mind and body.

Body Mechanics

Learn good body mechanics. Focus more on using your legs than arms when massaging, keeping a wide stance during massage therapy sessions and standing in an open posture; doing this allows your legs to naturally move in response. When massaging a client, use only your body weight to massage their body. Doing this ensures that muscle force is not being used as much. Maintain a straight back with the navel towards your spine (to strengthen core muscles and stop shoulders from sagging) as this will strengthen core muscles, and keep chest and shoulders tucked in – physical labor is inevitable, but finding ways to work more efficiently without losing results could go a long way in maintaining an enjoyable career field.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Massage

Be on time

Be on time, but take your time when arriving! Rushing can lead to stress and tension that makes the experience worse; so arriving a bit earlier is welcome, allowing more time for unwinding and tea drinking!

Not too hungry, not too full

Prior to receiving a massage, avoid eating large meals or imbibing alcohol.

Drink plenty of water

Before scheduling a massage session, be sure to drink lots of water throughout the days prior. Hydrate your muscles and tissues thoroughly so they will respond more favorably when massaged! Furthermore, this advice suggests using the bathroom prior to starting any session.


Your massage is for YOU; therefore it is essential that it makes you as comfortable as possible during its performance. Feel free to communicate any feedback to your therapist regarding pressure levels or tension (or relief), temperature of room or music used etc.

Undress to your comfort level

Your massage therapist will remain discreet during your session, only showing the area that is currently being addressed at that moment in time. In many instances, fully stripping makes it easier for the therapist to provide massage, which results in a more enjoyable massage for you. It is ultimately your choice whether or not to remove clothes before receiving massage treatment; your therapist can adapt their technique according to your desires.

Be present, allow yourself to quiet

Be mindful to restrict conversations only to topics pertinent to the massage itself. Small talk at the start may help ease tension; but once your mind and body have fully relaxed and become present with each other, the greater benefits you’ll enjoy from massage sessions.

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