A Shortcut to a Healthy Mind – Lifestyle Tips

A healthy mind leads to a hale and hearty lifestyle. According to Sigmund Freud, the emotions that are not expressed will not die. They might be buried, but alive. It will come forth sooner or later in uglier ways. On the basis of this theory, we can conclude that people who don’t express their emotions can be proved dangerous in relationships.

Relationships need to be handled with great care otherwise you will be either stifle or the relation will die. In order to keep the relationships and a satisfactory life, we need to keep a special focus on our mind. We cannot entirely organize our mind in all situations of life, but we can try to manage it at most. Using psychological study in daily life can boost your lifestyle in a spirited manner.

Here is the shortcut to keep your mind active even in emotional states:


Get over from your extreme emotions. Don’t speak or take any action. Just keep telling yourself that you have to stay quiet and calm.


Dispose all the negative or extreme emotions by writing it in your personal diary.


Google! The solution of your problem… Google now has a resolution to almost all relationship related problems. Get benefit from other’s experiences. Use psychological studies, theories and way outs.

How to Implement These Steps?

Suppose! You have bad feelings about your husband regarding any unwanted event. Don’t speak harsh words or act in anger/depression. Stay calm for some time and then start writing everything you are thinking in your mind. Once you have written everything, now Google the solution. E.g. “How to manage stubborn husband?” or “What are possible reasons behind husband’s negligence in family?” Search wisely, think positively, read quotes and words of wisdom and then after the proper search, write your analysis.

Take few hours to normalize your feelings. You can try taking rest or thinking about the happiest moments. You can also go for sweet imaginations.

Now, it’s action time. Call your husband and talk to him gently about your thoughts about him regarding that specific event. Explain him what do you think and ask him for the reasons if you are wrong.

While making analysis about any event or person, you must use 5 W’s approach. (What, When, Why, Where and Who). Ask yourself about your behaviour and other’s too.

Effects on Your Lifestyle

• This method will add patience to your mind and you will act in a more stable way. Your behaviour will not be based on emotions only, but on practical analysis too.
• Stress will be released and you will feel light by spending some time with you. It will also help you to judge if you were wrong.
• The Family life as well as individual life will be happier.
• You will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and it will go ahead towards a better future.

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