Turkey – A Great Place to Spend Your Holiday Vacation

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A place where Asia meets Europe, this description is enough to intrigue any traveler to visit the land of Turkey. A lot about its culture and heritage can be understood by the locals themselves. All you have to offer is a pleasant smile and a good chat over a cup of coffee. You’ll soon get addicted to the blessed lifestyle of coffee, carpets and magnificent ruins. Explore this wonderland which is a unique blend of orientalism and western love. A lot can be said and seen in this country, but the stunning landscapes will hardly give you any words to describe it.

Teeming with historical events that increase its significance the cultural value of Turkey has only increased with time. This is mainly evident from the colorful bazaars of Turkey. The Grand Bazaar lies in the heart of Istanbul. Here’s a place which will inspire the artist in you. Make sure to walk down the alleys, you might just find an old travel friend! The Ottoman Era Market place also called the Spice Bazaar is proudly decorated with exotic spices that you’ll hardly find anywhere else. At the Urfa’s Bazaar, you’ll find everything from Sheepskin to Denims! Explore the world of Handicrafts and oriental goods while you are at Turkey!

Turkey tour packages are truly the best holiday destination. Who doesn’t like beaches? With beautiful shores of Mediterranean, this country is also blessed with Aegean waters! Get that tan you always wanted, lie down under the sun at the picture perfect beaches of Turkey. The Iztuzu beach is open to public during the day and one of the best swimming spots of the country. The Oludeniz beach is a sight worth-visiting during the summers. It’s a party every day. With the sunny side up, there’s cafes, showers and loungers available on rent!

This place is blessed with the most exciting natural wonders in the world. The Antolian plains seem to love the magic of Cappadocia. Known for its honeycombed   hills and psychedelic structure, here is a place which will immortalize your hot air balloon ride. Speaking of Immortalization, how can we forget the caves of heaven and hell?! Near, Narllikuyu, you find the devilish looking caves, wet and slippery almost repelling you to enter. Wear good shoes, since there are no hind rails here. The local stories are sure to add a little spice to the whole adventure.

Travelers shouldn’t ignore the buzzing city scenes, while you are busy exploring the wonders of nature. Apart from the magnificent Istanbul, the capital of Ankara, Izmir and Edrine are a few cities that capture our attention. Food lovers don’t forget to visit Bursa! You’ll find the most “laziz” kebabs here! In a nutshell, Turkey tour is the place for you if you are a food lover, a beach lover and basically a live lover! Packed with cultural and historical value, here is a place even the art lovers would appreciate. Select from the best travel tours and ensure that you cover all the happy spots in the country!