Cooking Methods Part 1 of 3

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To some cooking seems to be a natural skill to others it is fraught with danger and disaster. Cooking need not be scary, let us examine some of the main cooking methods and show you how simple it really is.

Once, you master one or two of these cooking methods, you will then be inspired and confident to try some of the others. Skills you pick up in one method can easily be used for another.

Just relax and enjoy it.


This is a cooking method that cooks food in the oven by dry heat. Like a baked potato. Baking is also used to describe the cooking process of bread, cakes and cookies.


Just like baking this cooking method uses the oven, but it is usually used for meat, and vegetables. Roasting generally needs some fat added to protect the food and keep it moist while it is cooked at a relatively high temperature (though dry roasting can be performed). It is best to use tender cuts of meat for roasting and cook it in a shallow tin to allow the air to circulate. This will also assist in the meat surface turning an appetizing brown. Be sure to turn the cooking juices into a gravy to accompany the meat. Along with the meat you can roast many vegetable including:- potato, carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, onions, parsnips, turnips, fennel, garlic and aubergines (eggplant).


This is the simple process of keeping meat, fish or poultry moist whilst roasting in the oven. All you do is spoon the cooking juices and fats over the meat several times during cooking. This will help keep it moist, add flavor and improve the appearance of the cooked meat. If you run out of cooking juices in the roasting tin then you can add a little stock or wine.


Grilling is an incredibly rapid and simple method of cooking, which is also healthy. The food is cooked using radiant heat. This makes certain that the outside of the food is well cooked and browned whilst the inside stays moist. The grill needs to be preheated and the food brushed with oil to give some protection from the severe heat. Barbecuing is the outdoor equivalent of grilling and is suitable for all the foods listed below – though it produces a smokier flavor.
Use good quality, tender foods like – steak, chops, chicken, sausages and whole fish like trout and fish cutlets and fillets like salmon and cod. Vegetables such as peppers, aubergines, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions are also suitable for grilling.


A griddle used to refer to a flat metal plate, which was used to cook cakes and drop scones on top of the stove. Today the tem to griddle’ refers to a ridged griddle pan similar to a frying pan – it has a ridged surface, which patterns the food with appetizing brown stripes. It has recently become popular due to its use by many television chefs. It is a healthy way of cooking due to only a light brushing of oil being required. Griddling is suitable for chicken, steaks, salmon fillets, squid and shellfish, and for vegetables such as aubergines, courgettes, peppers and onions.