Factors To Consider When Purchasing From The Electronic Cigarette Online Store

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The introduction of electronic cigarette as an alternative for the analog cigarette quickly gains momentum since 2004. The number of users who are using this item has significantly multiplied over the years. Businesses have also taken this chance to venture into the new products. Even though several countries have allowed the selling and buying of the item, others have yet to approve. The operation of online stores for electronic cigarette helps to reach for customers who could not find the store in their vicinity. That said, there are still factors to consider when purchasing from the Electronic Cigarette Online Store.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing From The Electronic Cigarette Online Store

Starter kit for beginner

In general, most of the online stores offer the starter kit package. It is especially made for complete beginners who wish to try electronic cigarette. Purchasing this kit can help you get used to it before you can decide for upgrade. Starter kit usually contains the basic item for a vaper to use. Buying this kit helps for you to get introduction into electronic cigarette vaping that you deserve.


Clearomizer is the tank that holds e-liquid and coil. It comes in different sizes, colors and various designs. The best kind of clearomizers is the one than you can easily fill with e-liquid and has a replaceable coil head. However, the efficiency of this tank should be considered first before having fun deciding the other factors; design, colors etc.


E-liquid is the liquid use inside the electronic cigarette. This liquid is what replaces the harmful ingredients found in analog cigarette. This liquid comes with countless flavors. While tobacco flavors are mostly offered, you can opt for fruits, beverages and even bread. Some electronic cigarette online stores has e-liquid that mixes several flavors into one. There are varieties of this item to choose from. The lists of available flavors can be found on the website. Find the flavor that you wish to try or willing to try with your electronic cigarette.


Coil is one of the components that stay inside a clearomizer. It plays an important role in vaping. Good coil has the criteria of vaporing a good amount of vapors and preserve the taste of e-liquid. On the opposite, a bad coil has the ability to sufficiently burn the liquid and subsequently produce a dry hit and burnt taste. This will definitely interfere with your vaping experience. To avoid the inconvenient situation, be sure to take note on the coil that the electronic cigarette online store can offer and whether they also sell replacements.


When buying products directly from electronic cigarette online store, information about shipping needs to be understood. Shipping delivery is usually free in the county where the online store is based. For international customers though, the charges may vary depending on countries. Find out the duration of the delivery. Be sure to read the details on shipping attentively. Be careful of possible additional charges that you probably missed while choosing the electronic cigarette.

Return policy

One of the weaknesses in buying from online store is that you cannot fondle with the item to see it perfectly. You are only able to determine whether the item is in condition according to the picture and specification. In some cases, you may receive the item that is not to your likeness. Thus, it is important to buy from electronic cigarette online store that has return policy. The return policy with no additional charges and faster delivery is preferred.

Easier online purchase compare to walk-in store

Purchasing electronic cigarette from online store seems to be a better idea than having to travel to a walk-in store. Sitting in front of computer while carefully choosing the right product for you can be more effective and efficient.