What to consider before you buy electronic cigarettes

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Such alternatives to smoking as smokeless tobacco, water pipes as well as electronic cigarettes, still contain nicotine which is an addictive chemical. This, it should be noted, is in addition to other chemicals contained in these substances. What most people fail to recognize however is that as much as these smoking alternatives are marketed as safer ones, they still are in positions of causing health risks. In case an individual smokes or makes use of any of these products, he or she ought to talk with his or her physician on ways of quitting the unhealthy habit.

Although smoking of cigarettes has in the past few years been slowly – but steadily – reducing in the US, there are many other nicotine as well as tobacco alternative products which have increasingly been gaining popularity. This is because a lot of these tobacco alternative products – which are coming in varying flavors, forms and sizes – are being marketed and this usually seen as being comparably safer.

Alternative products of tobacco such as smokeless tobacco, water pipes and electronic cigarettes can result to serious health problems like cancer. This is caused by the toxins and chemicals contained in these products.

Electronic cigarettes

They are also referred to as vapor cigarettes or e-cigarettes. They are devices which are battery-operated and they look like the other conventional cigarettes. Instead of tobacco burning, these e-cigarettes generally have cartridges that are filled with chemicals and nicotine. When e-cigarettes are utilized, the liquid chemicals found in the cartridges are converted into vapor or steam which is inhaled by the user.

Since e-cigarettes have only been in the United States market from 2006, there is only some limited research on the health risks posed by these products. Going by one analysis which was conducted by the United States’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the tobacco solution utilized in electronic cigarettes is made up of toxic chemicals found in numerous cancer-causing chemicals like nitrosamines and antifreezes. There is little known about the kinds as well as concentrations of chemicals, nicotine inclusive, in electronic cigarettes. It should be noted that the chemicals in the electronic cigarettes, their addictiveness as well as their potential harmful effects do vary from one brand to another.

Among all the tobacco alternative products, electronic cigarettes are the least limited by the FDA association. E-cigarettes have no warning labels and they can be sold to individuals of any age. The FDA hasn’t made any approval of electronic cigarettes as a reliable way of quitting smoking. Individuals who are infected with cancer and who are in need of stopping smoking ought to make use of approved quitting smoking methods. This makes e-cigs not very recommendable.

Electronic cigarettes have taken the world by storm as many people continue to Buy Electronic Cigarettes and make use of e-cigs instead of the conventional cigarettes. In the past five years, sales for these alternative devices for smoking have increased immensely.

Since e-cigarettes are relatively still new products, it will take some more time doing further research on the products so as to establish the full environmental and health effects caused by them.