3 Reasons Why Using Fitness Balls Makes a Difference Your Workout!

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Written By MartinCorbett

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Fitness Balls are the new craze! They are affordable, easy to use, and effective. Why are fitness balls making such a difference in people’s workouts? Read on…

Fitness balls are gender neutral. Women love them and guys admit that they provide a very intense workout compared to using a bench. It is no surprise that both men and women are catching up to the trend with more gusto than the 90’s aerobics dance craze.

Those who have tried using fitness balls even once and those who have seen friends and relatives achieve the amazing results, which fitness balls are known for, are becoming fanatics when it comes to trying out new moves and routines on the hardest and softest piece of work-out equipment yet.

So what is the big deal with fitness balls? I’ll give you three good reasons:

Reason Number One:

Nearly everybody is at a fitness level when it comes to using fitness balls. It doesn’t matter if you are recovering form a sports injury, have one or two limbs in casts, if you are pregnant, are 5-years old, or are 95-years old, there is an exercise routine you can use the fitness ball for.

It really doesn’t matter what your limitations are. There are no minimum weights, dumbbells, barbells, or strenuous machinery to use. What ever your inhibitions are such as age, fitness level, weight, or physical abilities, fitness ball exercises are fun and enjoyable.

Everybody can maneuver a fitness ball during their routine since they are light weight and don’t require much more effort than your physical strength dictates. You actually feel encouraged to work out more since the only resistance is your own body weight and gravity.

Reason Number Two:

Other exercise equipment has you pushing against a static, unmoving surface. Your body does not need to worry about building core strength or keeping its balance. Fitness balls also are more effective due to these same reasons.

Recent fitness studies have proven hat core strength is doubled when using the ball as part of your workout. Moves such as sit ups, curls, and back exercises require double the pressure when on a ball as opposed to a floor or bench.

The tension created from raising the center of gravity coupled with the instability of the fitness ball encourages the body to develop more poise and balance. Those who use a ball regularly enjoy leaner, more defined abdominals and find themselves more stable and physically balanced when carrying out their daily activities.

When using the fitness balls you not only use the muscles required to carry out those curls, push-ups, and squats, but you also use all other muscles in your body to keep you balanced. This means you whole body is engaged when on a fitness ball. This intensifies the workout and doubles your efforts.

Reason Number Three:

Fitness balls are light weight and portable. If you are always on the go, like to work out at work, or travel for business or pleasure, you can take the fitness ball with you. Simply deflate it, fold it up, and don’t forget to pack the handy foot pump.

Now staying at a hotel with limited or non-existent fitness equipment doesn’t have to be an excuse to miss you workout, nor does going camping, hiking, or staying with family or in the cabin by the lake. You ball is good to go.

Since they are light weight and easy to use, many are also using the balls as substitute chairs in their home office or around the home. Don’t think you have enough time to exercise? Keep it by the television of by the bed and a quick five minute workout sheet and you are ready to go. You can workout anytime, anyplace!

Join the Hot Craze for a Hot Body

Though women do tend to love the fitness balls more than men, men are catching on too. Most men report that adding a fitness ball routing intensifies their workout and speeds up their fitness goals. Six-pack abs and rock hard gluts are easily achieved!

Others like them simply because they seem effortless and are relatively inexpensive to purchase. They can be taken on trips, used nearly anywhere, and provide a total body workout.