Fitness Test at Home

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Fitness Level evaluation.

A Fitness Test evaluates your current fitness level. What does that mean? Your fitness level means your body’s ability to withstand a physical workload (how much) and to recover in a timely manner. In everyday life you can see how some people can easily run several miles, while others can’t walk for more than 10 minutes. The difference in these people is in their fitness level.

Popular Fitness tests.

VO2 Max test calculates the amount of oxygen that your body uses at the peak of exercise and is a world renowned fitness tests used by gym instructors, trainers and sportspeople for fitness testing. The test here is based on the tried and tested Cooper 12 minute run test. To take this fitness test, stretch and warm up properly for at least 10 to 15 minutes. The best place to do this test is on a treadmill or a measured track. Once warmed up, walk or run for 12 minutes at a stretch maintaining as constant a pace as you can. After 12 minutes, note your distance in meters. Multiply this figure by 0.0225 and then subtract 11.3. This will give your VO2 Max rate in ml/kg per minute.

Push up test has been used since centuries among men to test fitness and it’s probably, the oldest one.

To take this test, all you have to do is count the number of push ups that you can do at a time. It is OK if you are doing kneeling push ups too, but only if you are a beginner. If you are used to full body push ups, then you can use this test as a fitness gauge that can easily tell the men from the boys. You can use the push up fitness test to monitor your fitness level while you are on an exercise program or to compare your performance with others in your exercise or workout group. Please keep in mind that this test is for people below 45 years of age.

There are a number of tests that can be used to supposedly determine fitness level. These tests are based on BMI, Weight, Resting Heart Rate, VO2 Max, just a number of push-ups… However, these tests are either expensive or/and inaccurate for some simple reasons. It is very difficult to develop standards based on a test time interval just because the number of sit ups, push-ups and their accuracy varies a lot during the test. In addition, heart rate measures after exercise are difficult to make accurately, you have to use a comprehensive heart rate monitor during the test. Anyway, these methods were created a long time ago, when computer did not exist yet, therefore should be excused for their inaccuracy.

Fitness tests via computer diagnostic.

Health Reviser’s Fitness Test is based on body diagnostics via computer. It was created by a group of scientists from USA, Europe and JapanComputer diagnoses the autonomic nervous system response on a simple standup maneuver. The stand-up maneuver causes heart rate to rise within the first 10-15 seconds because blood pressure drops due to gravitational redistribution of the blood mass. Then the cardiovascular system attempts to compensate an orthostatic effect of standing up by constricting peripheral blood vessels. As a result blood pressure returns to its normal level and heart rate drops. Athlete body reaction is fast and strong, while sedentary lifestyle makes body react with a delay and a little amplitude. This serves as a base of determining a fitness level.

This algorithm represents one’s fitness level on two different scales – absolute, where user’s results are compared with a full-range of individuals, another scale is age- and gender-related. The absolute scale compares your fitness level with beginners and top athletes of all ages and