How Personalized Skincare is Taking Over the Industry?

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In today’s innovative world, young consumers have grown up with the idea that they have unique demands, and so customized products that fulfill their specific needs have appealed them greatly. Whether it is social media, technology, food or fashion industry, personalization is surely the rising trend in the future. Brands are experimenting with products and give priority to the individual customer requirements.

In this regard, skincare industry is also in this customization race. In fact, skincare industry has now realized that everybody has different skin color and texture, and it is sensible to step into personalized skincare products rather than the mass-produced products to stand high in the market. Following are few examples that highlight how personalized skincare products are taking over the beauty industry:

Big Brands Heading Towards Customization

  • Find Ferdinand

According to the views of the founder of the top cosmetic brand “Finding Ferdinand”, beauty is something very personal, and so people do not like to be guided but want to buy that looks good on them. This idea of personalized skincare products has led the company to create tailor-made cosmetics for their customers, and has now become a huge success.

  • MatchCo

Match Co is another brand that believes that customization is the latest form of luxury that gives you a feeling that something is specially made for you. This brand has developed anapp that scans your facial skin and utilizes the data to form a foundation that specifically meets the requirements of your skin. MatchCo is of the view that skincare product should be such that matches you. After the launch of MatchCo in 2016 launch, it has been downloaded more than a million times and completed large number of orders.

  • Function of Beauty

Personalized skincare category also covers hair-care line, where the brand called “Function of Beauty” is quite popular in this category. Function of Beauty believes in selling customized conditioner and shampoo, where users buy everything according to products’ properties; like “anti-frizz” or “antidandruff”, or color combinations like sage green, amber, and scents that include cucumber mint, strawberry, grapefruit hibiscus, etc. Hence, you can find variety of combinations in their products, which make them well-known in celebrating individuality.

  • Neutrogena

Neutrogena has also moved to a bespoke approach in skincare range. It has introduced innovative 3D printed facial masks that are customized to customers’ measurements and facial skin needs. This product makes use of a new application known as, “MaskiD” that take 3D images of a user’s face. The mask’s ingredients are chosen according to the user’s type of skin. 

All these top brands portray the concept of personalized skincare product that ensures consumer involvement. This creates strong bonds, which in turn provides meaningful customer experience and optimum satisfaction level of creating something unique.

Personal Analysis with Technology

In order to excel in personalized skincare trend, brands are going high-tech. They are offering consumers personal consultation where they get valuable recommendations of products from experts, after considering their skin needs. Prominent examples of brands are, “Clinique” and “Neutrogena”.

Clinique’s Clinical Reality app let users know the right serums, lotions and balms, for their skin after in-depth analysis of a close-up image of skin.

Neutrogena’s Skin360 device plays a similar role and analyzes users’ skin to determine even the finest wrinkle, hence making the customers aware of what their skin actually needs. Thereafter, Skin360 suggests skincare routines, and products that specifically cater to the individual’s skin requirements.