5 Tips for a Happy Healthy Spine

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Regardless of the cause of your back pain relief in Brookhaven, GA, from spinal stenosis to a herniated disc or strained muscles, determining the cause of your back pain as well as a plan for treatment can take some time. And although you may be well along the path to finding out what is going on with your body, you still must deal with back pain in the meantime. Here are a few tips to do even now while you wait to help you experience at least some level of back pain relief and comfort.

Exercise Your Core

Your body’s core muscles – or those in your lower back and abdominal region – should be strengthened so your spine can be better supported, thus taking some of the pressure off of your lower back.

For the average person, however, our core muscles are weak and underused. We don’t put them to work on a daily basis, which requires a specific set of targeted exercises so these muscles can be adequately toned. Here are some core exercises that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes per day to knock out.

Rest Your Spine While You Sleep

When you are in bed at night, your spinal structures that have worked hard throughout the day are finally given the chance to relax. This process also enables your spinal structures to be rejuvenated so they can perform their best when you are up and moving.

The best way to make the most of your time for your spine is to ensure that your mattress and pillows have adequate support so your spine can rest in a comfortable and supported way.

The mattress and pillow you use is mostly based on personal preference and your preferred sleep positions. The location of your back pain problem can also play into which mattress and pillow you need. It is a good idea to talk with your chiropractor about what you should look for in a quality mattress and pillow for your unique back pain treatment and needs.

Wear Supportive Shoes

Regardless of your need for shoes – whether it be to just get from point A to B or for a full on workout – the shoes you protect your feet in play a large role when it comes to supporting your lower spine. Good shoes offer a supportive base that enables the body and spine to stay in alignment.

Look for a shoe that is snug around the back of your heels but not overly tight. There should also be a good fit in the heels that prevents supination or over pronation. If you still need balance or support after you find a pair of shoes that suits your back pain needs, consider using shoe inserts or orthotics.

Sit Tall and For a Limited Time

Your lower spinal discs are under 3 times more stress when sitting down than they are while standing. Long periods of sitting can cause or contribute to a painful lower back. Furthermore, when sitting down and looking at a computer screen, we naturally tend to lean forward and slouch, which can further stress the discs in our lower backs.

Look for a quality office chair and strive to sit with proper posture when seated to ensure that your posture is good and the natural curves in your back are supported.

If you do need to sit at a desk for a long period of time try to get up to go for a walk or stretch every 20 or 30 minutes. If possible, work part of the day at a standup desk or walk around while talking on the phone. Movement helps to fuel our spines with necessary healthy nutrients to not only maintain good spinal health but to help treat back pain.

Get a Good Massage

Massage has many therapeutic benefits that span beyond stress relief. A massage can offer you benefits such as increased endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkiller. This means your back pain can be alleviated at least somewhat. Massage also encourages blood flow, which encourages healing nutrients to be delivered to the affected area, thus speeding the process of healing.