Jans Health Bar: Celebrates 45 years

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Written By MartinCorbett

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Jans Health Bar, Coast Highway, Corona del Mar, has been serving healthy sandwiches, salads, and smoothies for less that a year. Yet, Jan’s is already celebrating 45 years!

Let me tell you: Jan’s original location was opened in Huntington Beach 45 years ago. It quickly became a favourite spot for people looking for healthy, fun food in a beach setting.

Poppy Holguin was a Huntington Beach High School student when she got her first job at Jan’s. Poppy graduated from law school and continued her practice. Jan told Poppy in 2010 that she was ready for retirement and to sell her restaurant.

Poppy bought Jans Health Bar. Poppy opened three additional locations since then: 17th Street in Costa Mesa and Laguna Beach. Although the locations underwent renovations, the original menu was still available. It’s not worth fixing it if it isn’t broken.

Poppy said that 95 percent of the menu was the same as it had been 45 years ago as we talked while seated at a table on the patio at Jan’s in Corona del Mar. “What worked 45-years ago still works today. This area loves easy, accessible, healthy food.

Poppy has been adding smoothies and juices over the years but has always kept it simple.

Poppy said, “Some people see the term ‘Health’ as complicated.” We are old school, we have salads, smoothies and things that will give your great energy. The tuna avocado sandwich and tuna bowl are our top sellers.

Recently, I stopped by the CdM Jans Health Bar and ordered the Krunchy Kale Wrap ($9.95). It included spinach tortilla, turkey and avocado, feta cheese, carrots and cucumbers, as well as sunflower seeds and dried cranberry.

The girl behind the counter helped me find popular items by telling me that this was my first visit to Jan’s. Many regulars were taking orders to go. I chose to pick mine up to go, and I was impressed by the quality of my to-go container. I have used it several times since.