Lifestyle Portrait Photography

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Lifestyle portrait photography offers an alternative to stuffy or repetitive studio photography, allowing you to create pictures full of life and personality in your own home or a place close to your heart.

Studio portrait photography isn’t for everyone – sometimes it’s hard to relax in an unfamiliar environment, especially when you have an expensive camera pointed at you! Having a portrait photography session in a studio also limits you to one or two backdrops, usually plain, and a few accessories or props that can give a staged feel to your images. And if you’re attempting to have photographs taken of your kids then sometimes a studio environment is a recipe for disaster: some children might be too shy in a strange new place, others will see it as an opportunity for mayhem and destruction! So what do you do when you want natural, beautiful portrait photos of you and your family but don’t want to go to a studio?

Lifestyle photography is a different way to obtain solo or group portraits that removes the unfamiliar enclosed space of a studio and allows you to roam free in your own environment, making for a far more relaxed atmosphere. And the more relaxed a subject is, the better the photos! Lifestyle portrait photography means your photos are taken on location, either at your home or another place that is special to you – perhaps a holiday home, garden or park. Your shots will be unposed and natural, producing candid images that reflect your personality and mood, as well as capturing your favourite place as a backdrop.

Treasure those special moments in a place that you love and capture a moment in time in a space that means something extra special to you and your family. Indoor or out, lifestyle photography is a wonderful way to move away from traditional or classic studio photography portraits and create something freer and more fluid.

From solo portraits to families, babies to teenagers, or even your pet, lifestyle portrait photography always produces brilliantly natural images with relaxed, happy subjects. Allow your portrait photographer to snap away while you relax, play, read, eat, work or just enjoy your favourite view. You can even invite your photographer along to a special event or to visit your favourite attraction or location. From a walk in the woods to a trip to the pool, rain or shine, whatever season, lifestyle photography is a great option for people who want more than posing in front of a white background.