Live A Longer Life By Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices

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Fitness of the body is the desire of every man or woman, as a healthy body can be the key to an active life, leading to happiness and success. But one needs to follow some healthy lifestyles, which will in turn, ensure better living and physical health of that person. These beneficial habits can save a person from many fatal diseases, like cerebral stroke, cardiac arrest, renal failure, malfunctioning of liver, lung infection and even some cancers.

Therefore, one should follow a few simple rules, which will protect him/her from most of the physical hazards that people face nowadays.

Consumption of only healthy foods – Every child should develop the healthy habit of eating nutritious foods, which will make their bodies stronger from the starting phase of their life. A balanced meal is needed for everyone, which comprises of one-third portion of carbohydrates, necessary proteins from oily fish or lean meat, very little amount of fats and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Usually, the starchy foods, like whole grain cereals, such as brown rice or whole wheat bread or sweet corns, potatoes and pasta are the rich sources of required carbohydrates that can be included in the daily menu. Sea foods with healthy Omega 3 oils, for example, herring, tuna, mackerel, sardines, or salmons are most helpful in retaining the good health of a person till old age. The usual favorite red meat should be replaced with chicken or any other lean meat, which will not increase the cholesterol level of the body. The middle-aged people should avoid eating too much sweet food, to keep their blood sugar normal. The habit of eating extra-oily or junk foods should be replaced by tasty fruits, as snacks for both kids and adults. The cooking should be done with edible oils, like vegetable oil or sunflower oil or olive oil, which contain healthy low-fat cholesterol.

Need to give up the habit of smoking – Smoking does enormous damage to the health of the smoker, as well as to all those around him/her. So it is best to give up this harmful addiction at an early age, to save oneself and all others from the dangerous effects of the tobacco smoke. Some addicted people may find it too tough to give up this habit totally, but proper medication and guidance can free them totally from smoking.

Should not drink much alcohol – Though alcoholic drinks cannot be barred totally, people should restrict their alcohol intake to a medically approved limit, which will not harm their health in any way. But the kids, pregnant women and those affected with any serious ailment should be kept away from all kinds of alcoholic drinks, to save them from greater health hazards.

Regular physical activities are essential – As idleness makes the body inactive and slower, the habit of daily workouts of at least 30 minutes per day can make a person energetic and comparatively much healthier. Jogging, brisk walking, free-hand exercises like aerobics, cycling and swimming are the most commonly used physical activities which keep the body fit even in ripe age and away from all common ailments of aged people.

Adequate amount of sleep – Everyone should grow the healthy habit of going to bed early at night and sleeping for at least 7 – 8 hours, for maintaining the proper metabolic balance of the body system and a cool brain.

By practicing and maintaining these activities, you can help to increase your lifespan and avoid risks to your health. Afterall, everyone owes it to themselves, as well as their loved ones to live a longer, fuller life. That itself is the greatest reward anyone can ever offer you.