Your Lifestyle Is Important

After countless hours of research and study myself and many other coaches believe we are conducting a role in society to help and drive people to a better place.

With the implementation of goal setting assessing and progressing our clients on a monthly basis to ensure they progress at a steady rate.

We believe that just smashing your clients or gym members into oblivion is wrong and may have a negative effect on their progression to a fitter leaner and healthier body.

The assessment process of any personal training should always take someones lifestyle into account as failure to do this will result in a broken client.

Therefore, I’m sorry that this article is on a sombre note today.

I am just trying to get the point across that YOUR life/lifestyle is important and lame excuses are no good anymore.

Lame excuses

1. I don’t need the gym, I’m naturally strong

2. I can eat what I want, I don’t put on weight

3. There is no point in working out, my activity levels are right up there, I walk to the pub.

Excuse after excuse..

There are so many lame excuses as to why you don’t want to become more active, or conduct some training that will help your lifestyle and it frightens me.

Recent stories:

(Male 42 years old – Heart attack (Paralysed down his left side.)

(Male 52 years old – Stroke (Unable to walk unaided.)

This has been reported in the media and states that the biggest cause of early heart attacks, death, illnesses etc are due to inappropriate lifestyle choices… (Food, lack of exercise etc..)

So, what you gonna do about it?

Maybe it’s time to stop being lazy and move more, it’s never to late.

Or start early and maintain it, just remember to try to incorporate a routine that is sustainable, choose one that you will grow to enjoy.


A habit is formed after 66 days of consistent work, if you get past this the rest is easy.

I know I always say it, but a coach is there to help improve lifestyles and it should be why they chose the job they do, they really believe that helping people make the right choices is a valuable job.

So, if you are unhappy with YOUR lack of progress, its time to take action and stop the mundane cycle of your lack of activity and learn to enjoy physical exercise to ensure your life is one that is worth living.

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