Long-Term Investments with Tooth Implants

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Long-Term Benefits with Tooth Implants

Losing teeth may be a thing of the past thanks to advances in dental technology that are revolutionizing this industry. Dental professionals and patients alike are thrilled by these modern treatments which provide modern equipment and techniques designed to enhance your teeth’s aesthetic appeal. Today, Tooth Implants have become widely accepted as an ideal replacement for damaged or missing teeth that eliminate the need for dentures or bridges.

Why Implant Implants?

It is essential to remember that modern technology offers consumers many helpful methods and features in everyday life. Implants are a popular solution for those with missing teeth or dentures. Fixed bridges only last a certain amount of time before becoming worn out, potentially leading to further tooth loss as the teeth supporting the bridge might be affected by repeated pulls and strains. In most cases, healthy teeth remain unaffected while being trimmed down so they fit into bridging components – leaving them susceptible to decay that could otherwise develop.

Dentures present a special challenge due to their bite forces being transferred onto remaining teeth, which tend to be few and weak. Metal clasps on dentures look unsightly, signaling poor dental health and making people uncomfortable around them. Furthermore, dentures put too much strain on gums which could result in tooth loss, bone erosion, or mouth sores.

With only a few visits to your dentist, you can replace your denture with implants. Implants come equipped with special attachments on top and corresponding attachments inside the denture are held in place using firm clippings. This helps solve issues like loose dentures, discomfort or sore spots caused by gum pressure being transferred onto implants. Patients can once again enjoy exercising their chewing muscles with renewed vigor!

Implants can be used on any tooth that is missing. Experienced dentists are able to replace a missing or weakened tooth by implanting a Tooth Implant and providing it with added support and stability.

Implant Process

Before any implant treatment can begin, dental professionals perform an in-depth evaluation and consultation of the patient’s dental condition. After extraction of the damaged tooth, bone graft procedures can begin; an implant may be placed immediately or within 4-6 weeks depending on bone condition. Once complete, patients can receive their permanent crown over their implant (although temporary options are available for front teeth as well).

Multiple patients with missing teeth can benefit from implants. Implants provide a great alternative to dentures when consumers don’t want them, and advanced dental technology allows experienced dentists who specialize in implant dentistry to place multiple implants to replace an existing bridge. The procedure usually takes 6-8 months before patients have their new set of functional, well-aligned teeth.


Dental Implants don’t have to break the bank if you speak with a qualified dental provider and learn if you qualify for insurance coverage or special payment plans.

Implants can be an ideal long-term dental treatment option that requires less effort and is cost effective. It’s a long-term investment that will bring better quality of life with greater enjoyment.