What are dental implants?

Q: What exactly is an Implant for Teeth?

The Tooth Implant is a metallic root of a tooth. It is inserted into the jawbone by dentists who are Tooth Implant dentist and allowed to heal within the bone over a period of time until the union between the bone and implant is sufficient to support a prosthetic tooth. The implant is made out of titanium, which is a metal that is well tolerated by the human body.

Q: How can it be used to replace missing teeth?

A: If you are using the Tooth Implant to replace teeth that are missing, your dentist will first determine if you have sufficient supporting bone to safely place the Tooth Implant for support of the prosthetic tooth. To make sure that your body will not reject the implant, the surgeon inserts it into the bone by using the procedure that is specific to surgery. In order to place the implant inside the bone, it is required to cut the gum tissue. The gum tissue will typically be sewn up either over the implant or around the implant after it is placed into the bone. Once the implant has been inserted in the bone, it will be left to heal for several months before the bone can support the prosthetic tooth.

Q: What type of dentist should I visit?

A: Tooth Implant can be placed or repaired by any dentist. Implants for teeth can be put in by General Practitioners and Periodontists. General Practitioners and prosthodontists are usually the ones who will restore the “teeth”. Begin by speaking with your general practitioner or prosthodontist and determine how much experience and training they have in the general discipline of Tooth Implantology. You could choose to work with one of these professionals and follow their advice regarding the person who will put in the Tooth Implant.

Q: How much do implants cost?

A: The majority of cases cost between $1500 to $2000. Consult your dentist.

Q: Can Tooth Implants be used as a permanent treatment for tooth loss?

A: Implants for teeth can be used permanently. But, there are limitations. Sometimes the Tooth Implant does not integrate and will fall out. Sometimes, the Tooth Implant is not able to integrate and will disappear. In these instances, an alternative implant could be placed which would remain there , and would be made permanent. In some cases, the restoration may have to be repaired or maintained… In matter of fact, most restorations require some form of care and replacement over a period of time. Be prepared for future expenses with regard to this.

Do you know of people who aren’t able to get Tooth Implants?

A: Most people can get Tooth Implants installed, however, there are exceptions and precautions… Tooth Implants are not recommended for patients suffering from severe issues with their mental health or who have uncontrolled diabetes. Patients who have severe medical issues are not suitable for anything involving surgery although the Tooth Implant procedure can usually be done under local anesthesia and are therefore safer than surgical procedures requiring general anesthesia.

Patients with a lot of bone aren’t good candidates, but bone grafts can be used to replace the missing bone and allow the patient to receive Tooth Implants. Talk to your dentist carefully and decide if you’re a good candidate to receive Tooth Implants. Learn what makes you a better candidate and then decide if they will be implemented.

If you require significant bone grafting in order to place implants, a qualified oral surgeon is recommended. Any competent dentist can perform several small bone grafts to place Dental Implants .

10 How to avoid problems when dealing with Tooth Implants.

#1. Find out who is implanted, and inquire about the person who performed them and how they came out.

#2. This is a very challenging field and specialization education is necessary.

#3. Make sure you have a written, comprehensive treatment plan that outlines the total cost. Make sure there aren’t any hidden fees.

#4. Get a second Consultation to help you evaluate the first.

#5. Request the name of Tooth patients has seen and the names of any other dentists that he works with. Contact them and learn how much you can about the type of work that this dentist performs.

#6. Find out what commitment this dentist is committed to the field of dentistry as well as to the field of Tooth Implantology. Does he or he teach? Do they publish research papers in the dental scientific literature. Are they considered to be an “expert” within this field of treatment.

#7. You should look for someone who is calm, confident and meticulous in their approach to your dental procedures.

#8. Call the state board of dentistry to find out the rulings against this practitioner regarding the practice of his dentist.

#9. Don’t be afraid to ask how many of these procedures have been performed by this dentist successfully.

#10. Discuss with your dentist the possibilities of failures. What is the outcome in the event that an implant fails. What are the alternatives to this treatment plan if it doesn’t work?

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