Three Master’s Degrees in Public Health (MPH)

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Three Master’s Degrees in Public Health (MPH), Concentrations to Consider For Your Career

Your master’s Degrees in Public Health will require and dedication. Don’t you agree? Goodwin University’s Master’s in Public Health (MPH) program offers three concentrations to help you take control of your professional career.

This program offers 33 credits through core courses like Principles of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, giving students the foundations for policy and leadership roles within public health. However, nine credits of an MPH degree are dedicated to a specific concentration within that field; students can pick which focus area best suits their career aspirations and interests in public health. Each focus area offers practical experiences that will benefit public health professionals over time.

Are you searching for an MPH degree and public health concentrations offered through Goodwin University’s masters program? Look no further – below are details on three MPH concentrations that can be completed online at Goodwin University.

Community Health

The Community Health concentration is designed for those interested in working within healthcare and engaging with the local community. There are numerous career options for those with degrees in Public Health, such as director of a non-profit, policy maker or educator about health. You could work at hospitals, community centers and other government agencies at federal, state or local levels as a community health professional. Taking these courses will equip you with the necessary skillset.

  • Community Health Sciences
  • Evaluation, Research and Program Planning for Community Health
  • Urban Health and Policy

This career path necessitates individuals with excellent communication skills and an in-depth knowledge of research and public health policy. Since cultural makeup should inform public health intervention plans, social sciences are essential in this path in public health. In the early summer of COVID-19 pandemic, The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) released an article emphasizing the critical role community health workers play as links between patients and clinics. This can save lives. Community members typically have more access to healthcare services than healthcare workers do, enabling quicker treatment for those in dire health needs. Furthermore, creating a strong community network can prevent such crises from ever occurring in the first place.

Community health programs help individuals lead healthier lifestyles and access the right services, keeping them out of the hospital. A Master of Public Health with a concentration in community health could put you at the helm of such initiatives and earn you an annual salary of $104,280 as a Medical & Health Services Manager.

Global Health

Earning an MPH degree in global health will give you the skillset needed to address major healthcare challenges in developing countries. At Goodwin University, these classes form part of their global health track and build upon existing core curriculum elements.

  • Global Health Challenges
  • Global Health Program Planning
  • The Essentials of Economics and Finance in Global Health

What to consider when funding global health initiatives

Global health professionals are driven by a passion to protect vulnerable populations’ human rights. Many also possess an humanitarian mindset, working hard to reduce barriers to healthcare access, raise funding for programs and establish education initiatives. You may be familiar with Doctors Without Borders, the World Bank or WHO – three prominent global providers whose projects and missions may be of particular interest to students in global health!

Global health is much like other healthcare-related professions in that you can choose to work directly with patients as an Emergency Management Director or collect data in a research setting as an Epidemiologist. Consider whether spending long hours traveling or working in a lab using computer modeling programs is more your style of job.

Management and Policy in Health

Public health practitioners can make a tangible impact in their communities, but it’s the managers of health policy who create laws and budgets to make these systems possible. Goodwin University’s health policy and management concentration offers training in economics, public health law, as well as diverse uses of health policy.

  • S. Policy and Health Economics
  • Public Health Law
  • Public Health Policy as a Prevention Strategy

The MPH concentration prepares public-health professionals for careers in government, medical and non-profit settings. If you are passionate about advocacy or judicial reform, policy-making could be a rewarding career path. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) policy creation process is constantly being evaluated; it involves five steps: policy identification, problem analysis, strategy and development as well as policy enactment and implementation. CDC policymakers need to demonstrate the benefits of each policy change to stakeholders in order to secure funding – these are skillsets which anyone working in public policy management will use daily.