How to navigate health insurance for travel nurses

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Everyone, especially travel nurses, should have health insurance. Unfortunately, travel nurses rely on their employers for coverage which makes it difficult to keep your policy up to date. My Private Health Insurance offers personalized health insurance for travel nurses plans specifically tailored for travel nurses that are affordable and accessible – perfect for families as well as small businesses!

Travel Nurse Insurance: The Essentials

Travel nurses often feel they are ineligible for health insurance due to their constant travel and job nature, leading them to switch employers frequently. Unfortunately, they may still be classified as temporary or contract workers rather than full-time employees when applying for benefits through their agency’s health insurance plans which usually include vision and dental coverage as well.

Are Travel Nurses Eligible for Health Insurance?

They do, but it depends. Most nursing agencies offer travel nurses insurance; however, most often this coverage only applies if you are on assignment. Therefore, be sure to read your contract dates thoroughly so that you fully comprehend what coverage is provided.

The Advantages of Selecting an Agency’s Health Insurance Policy

Selecting the right health insurance policy for you can be a lifesaver.

Travel nursing agencies have always provided healthcare coverage on a two-sided scale – just like any other business offering health insurance to employees.

Let us examine the advantages and drawbacks of selecting an agency’s health insurance policy.


  • Avoid the hassle of setting up your travel nursing agency.
  • Agency health insurance plans tend to be more budget friendly than private coverage, with most covering at least some of the expense.
  • Agency insurance plans typically offer more coverage than external solutions.

Private Health Insurance Policy

Travel nurses have the option to decline insurance coverage or opt for private coverage. Just as with agency plans, there are advantages and drawbacks to private coverage as well.


  • There will be no gaps in coverage.
  • It provides for greater flexibility and personalization to meet your healthcare needs.
  • You can work with as many agencies as desired without worrying about deductibles.

Optional Travel Nurse Insurance may be purchased as well.

Once you have made your choice between private or agency-sponsored insurance, it is time to explore all of the available options. These will differ based on which type of policy your agency provides.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO).

This plan gives you access to a network selected by the insurance company. This option is ideal if you plan on visiting specialists frequently and staying put for an extended period of time.

  • Providers are typically only accessible within a local network.
  • In-Network providers usually cover you completely, while out-of-network options require an increased copay rate and may only offer partial coverage.

PPO for Travel Workers provides more coverage options as well.

  • Similar to the previous plan, but with a wider network of providers. This policy is ideal if you plan on moving between states.
  • The provider network is growing across several states.
  • It’s essential to compare the services provided by different providers in each state, especially if you are considering joining a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO).

Under this plan, you must select a Primary Care Physician (PCP) as your Primary Care Physician. Referrals from your PCP are necessary for any specialist visits. If you already have an established Primary or PCP, then this plan is perfect for you.

Referrals must be made through your HMO network.

  • If you choose an outside-of-network provider, all costs associated with that visit must be borne by you.
  • No matter if the providers are in-network or not, medical emergencies can be covered regardless.
  • HMO plans and online PPO plans require a primary care provider, which can only be located locally.

Make sure your Travel Nurse Insurance Policy remains current

When selecting healthcare coverage for a travel nurse, there are many things to take into account. What does it cover? What happens if my insurance stops working while away on vacation? What happens if the travel nursing agency changes? These are valid questions that you should ask the agency before signing any agreement.