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This printable escape room is the best solution for chilly days. It is also the easiest way to escape a room at home. Escape rooms at home are the perfect way to spend a cold afternoon with family and friends. Grapevine offers a wide range of party items that can be used combination with other ideas. There’s something for all. There are treasure and games hunts that children will enjoy and puzzles and Printable Escape Room for adults. There are also special products to celebrate holidays like Halloween, Christmas Easter, Summer, and Christmas.

What is an Escape Room?

Escape room, escape game, or escape kit, is a collection of clues, puzzles, and secret messages. It’s a bit like playing a board game, but without the board. The team works together to solve the riddle and escape the room. Escape rooms are usually themed and timed with a time limit of one hour. Each clue leads to the “way out” of the game.

We did our first escape room together as a family. I was worried that we would be trapped in a small room with no exit. The countdown clock was about winning, not being locked in.


You would need to visit an escape room to experience the physical escape rooms environment. But now you can do all the puzzles from the comfort of your own home. This is like having an escape room at your home.

The Best Escape Rooms for Children

Escape rooms at home are a favorite activity. These rooms allow for creativity and teamwork. Even a DIY escape-room birthday party was held! We have used digital escape rooms to help us get through many days in our house.


The magic of Houdini’s Secret Room printable escape room from EscapeRoomGeeks was then discovered! My son heard of it through a friend and wanted to play. Because he didn’t want to spoil the surprise, his friend refused to talk to him about the matter.

You are now locked in Houdini’s Secret Room. BANG! Slowly, the walls begin to close in.

Is it possible to escape the clock?

My kids fell in love with the story and the beautiful artwork. We jumped at the chance to purchase it this month as it was on sale. It was printed on card stock so it looked as good as any store bought. We didn’t even have to wait for shipping.

This escape room is ideal for children aged 9-13 years. These creative brain teasers don’t have a maximum age. It’s always fun to see children outsmart adults, and the difficulty level does not correspond with age.

What is the Work of this Printable Escape Room?

  • Supplies Required for Escape Room Challenges
  • This printable escape room was much simpler than other escape rooms that we’ve tried. We only needed:
  • Color printer – Some puzzles may require color
  • Paper – We used card stock to make everything a bit more solid.
  • What is the Maximum Number of Players in a Printable Escape Room?
  • Gather 2-6 players!
  • You can divide people into teams to make it more fun. Each group will need only one copy.