Acaria Health: Pharmacy Aksepterer

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Kredittkort Fra Sine Kunder Acaria Health

Acaria Health Pharmacy was established more than a decade back. It was one of the most popular pharmacies online. They are known for providing quality generic drugs that are safe to use and affordable to buy. The company quickly built a strong client base and received many positive reviews.

Recently, however, the situation began to improve. Customers started complaining about multiple issues last year.

  • Non-delivery
  • Returned products have past due expiration dates
  • Refusal to pay back money or delays in getting help.
  • Spam and intrusive advertisements

Online Reputation 

It has been difficult to find out more about the legal entity that operates this drugstore. Scamadviser believes it is run from Ukraine. Acaria Health Pharmacy was therefore rated as untrustworthy and given a low reliability rating.

LegitScript examined Acaria Health Pharmacy, and found that it does not meet the verification standards. It was therefore designated as an unapproved Internet Pharmacy. This pharmacy store is not listed in the CIPA member directory and is on the “not recommended” list of

Acaria Health Pharmacy claims it is a respectable company with thousands satisfied customers. We decided to investigate reviews. Particularly, recent reviews.

Positive reviews are the norm for the online shop. There is a chance that the reviews posted on the online shop are edited by the owner and may not reflect the true picture.

We searched the internet for Acaria Health Pharmacy reviews and found many negative ones. Many customers were unhappy with the shipping time and called the support staff “unprofessional.” Customers complained of poor service and long delays. It was also questioned the quality of medications.

Many buyers claimed they received no product or money back. They believed this pharmacy was a fraudster and advised others to stay away from it.