Tooth Implants – The Bad and the Good

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Tooth Implants – The Bad and the Good

If you’ve got sufficient bone density in the area around the teeth you wish to replace by Tooth Implants, you are the right candidate to undergo Tooth Implant surgery. Even if you’re missing the majority of your teeth, Tooth Implants can work for you> But most of those who opt to get Tooth Implants want them as replacements for their unsecure and uncomfortable bridges or partial dentures.

The chances of you having success with Tooth Implant surgery will usually depend on the type of natural tooth they replace and how many of those teeth are involved in chewing and biting. Tooth Implants replace front teeth, either in the upper or lower jaw are believed to have at least a 90% success rate. However, if the back molars that do most of the chewing are removed, the rate of success drops to around 85 percent. Tooth Implants can fail for various reasons.

What is the most likely cause of a problem?

If the titanium or ceramic used in the implant is damaged, they can break. If the ceramic tooth replacement does not fit the titanium rod in a secure way it could break off. These are mechanical reasons why can cause a Tooth Implant could fail. However, they are less common than medical reasons.

Tooth Implants can fail if there is not enough bone tissue surrounding the Tooth Implants site. If there were bacteria in the jawbone or gum tissue near the site of the implant prior to the procedure, they could be released after the rod is placed and spread into the bone surrounding it and gum , causing an infection which requires the removal of the implant. The infection could spread to the sinuses, so it is important that they be taken into consideration in the earliest time possible.

However, Tooth Implants are usually effective in between ninety five percent to ninety percent cases. A successful Tooth Implant can be used as a permanent solution to a tooth that has been decayed or damaged.

Dental Implants: The Most Appealing

The benefit of Tooth Implants that appeals to the majority of people is that it’s virtually impossible for anyone to tell the difference between the implants and their natural teeth. Dental Implants can be used to replace teeth that are damaged or missing. This can give you confidence and let you enjoy social interactions with others without worrying about your dentures.

Tooth Implants: What’s the cost?

Each Tooth Implant will cost you between one and twenty-five hundred dollars, based on the condition of the bone it’s being inserted into. Certain people need bone grafts to build up their jawbones before they can be able to have Tooth Implants placed. Depending on the degree of jaw surgery needed and the extent of jaw surgery required, the whole Tooth Implantation process can take between nine and 18 months.