You are undergoing Tooth Implant Surgery to Improve Your Smile

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You are undergoing Tooth Implant Surgery to Improve Your Smile

There’s a good chance you’ll experience damage to your teeth sooner or later, due to dental decay, accidents or the normal day grind of daily routine. If you lose or damage one of your teeth, think about replacing it with one of the many options available. Dentures were the most popular replacement for teeth a few years ago however tooth implants have taken over because they provide more support and offer a more natural-looking and feel.

If you consult a licensed dentist who will provide assistance and suggestions regarding the procedure for Tooth Implants, you will be able to decide if Tooth Implant surgery is right for you. The following paragraphs include an overview of the Tooth Implant process, possible complications, as well as the advantages of Tooth Implant surgery.

The Tooth Implant Process

Tooth Implants are not for all. You should be in good oral health and have bone that is healthy enough to support Tooth Implants. Your dentist will inspect your teeth and take xrays and impressions of your teeth following an initial consultation. The dentist needs to look over a list of any prescription and non-prescription medication you are taking. You also have to answer some other important medical concerns. Tooth implants typically require three surgical procedures.

Your dentist will inject local anesthesia and make tiny cuts into your gum. This allows you to view the bone beneath the jawbone in your initial Tooth Implant procedure. The dentist will then drill a hole into the bone, and then place the Tooth Implant before stitching the gum around the implant. To make sure that the implant is correctly installed the dentist may take photographs. During the next few months, the bone slowly joins the implant.

The dentist will then carry out the second part of Tooth Implant surgery. The procedure includes local anesthesia and a tiny incision that exposes the Tooth Implant, and a subsequent bone attachment. The abutment will be replaced by your dentist after the initial procedure. After healing for a couple of weeks, your dentist will place an implant bridge or crown in the final phase of Tooth Implant surgery.

Potential Issues

Tooth Implant surgery can often present with complications or problems, which dentists will admit can be easily resolved. For instance, the implant might not be able to attach to bone adequately or you may get an infection. Dental professionals may accidentally touch a nerve in the jawbone, which can be a cause for concern. Although this is rare, it is something to be conscious of prior to Tooth Implant surgery. Tooth implants aren’t as straightforward as Invisalign teeth straightening.

Dental Implant Surgery: The Benefits

There are numerous benefits for tooth implants. Implants for teeth can improve your smile and help you feel more at ease than dentures. In addition, Tooth Implants do not slip like dentures. Implants last longer than dentures and are able to last for a lifetime with proper care.