Are you able to buy prescriptions online? These are the risks

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There are risks involved when you buy medicines online

Anusha was back at work after the birth of her second child. As a single parent working as a mother, she hadn’t stocked up on essential baby products while on maternity leave. She found that shopping online was the best option at this critical time. She ordered nearly all of her baby products online and had them delivered to her home at a lower price. Canada Drugs Direct is an online pharmacy that provides delivery via mail. We will assist you in finding the perfect medication for you and then deliver it as fast and efficiently as is possible.

Anusha found online shopping helpful, but Saarika didn’t have a pleasant experience buying online. Anusha was searching online for a weight loss supplement and was directed to an offshore website. After entering her credit card information on the website, she was charged an exorbitant sum. She was shocked to learn that the weight loss pills were fake.


Online ordering of medicines is a smart move.

People also shop online for medicines, such as aphrodisiacs or benzodiazepines (medicines that treat anxiety and insomnia) because they want privacy. Online ordering is a great option for consumers living in remote areas or who have limited time and find it difficult to reach the pharmacy.

Beware of the risks and concerns

Online pharmacies that sell illegal or unethical drugs can sometimes send out counterfeit or forged medications. Doctors argue that it can also happen in medical shops. “We can’t be certain that medicines purchased in pharmacies are genuine. The same applies to online pharmacies. It doesn’t matter how medicine is sold but how regulatory bodies behave,” Dr Arvind Kasaragod (director of medical services, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals Bengaluru) says.

Online pharmacies: Laws

Indian online pharmacies do not have a law that governs them, but several laws indirectly govern them. The Drugs and Cosmetics Act of 1940 and the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules of 1945 have specific guidelines for the sale and labelling of Schedule H and Schedule X drugs.


Online pharmacies face many difficulties, including difficulty in verifying prescriptions and regulatory issues. They also have to supply medicines that need appropriate temperature (temperature) to retain potency. Temperature control is not guaranteed at the transport or storage locations.

Comprehensive solution needed

Doctors, hospital regulators pharmacists and patients must create a foolproof system. Cloudnine’s Kasaragod says that a panel must be established and that a technology process is needed to allow this system to work effectively.

“Digital prescriptions should not be scanned and sent online to pharmacies. He says doctors should also send digital prescriptions to avoid prescription errors.