Tooth Implant Companies- A Reason To Smile

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Tooth Implant Companies- A Reason To Smile

The US is home to a vast and growing number of Tooth Implant companies, whose implant manufacturing processes are performed in compliance with strict Food and Drug Administration policies. FDA monitors the manufacture of Tooth Implants as closely as it does for medical implants, paying close focus on hygiene and quality control.

What Tooth Implant Companies Do

Tooth Implant companies produce all the parts used in Tooth Implant surgery; a Tooth Implant is either screwed directly into the jawbone of the patient, or built as a custom-fitted plate to be placed between the jawbone and gum.

Tooth Implant hardware is made out of titanium. This metal is highly biocompatible and triggers almost no adverse reactions in the surrounding tissues. Titanium has been used for nearly forty years in hip replacement.

Ceramic is the material used to create the visible structure of the implant’s tooth. How their titanium hardware and ceramic teeth are made and glued together is the only thing that differentiates the products of various Tooth Implant companies, and different dentists may have preferences for different types of implants.

Tooth Implant Companies innovating

Tooth Implant companies are constantly seeking ways to improve their products as well as their market share, and one of the recent innovations that many have implemented is the use of nanotechnology in their implant surface design. They claim that using nanotechnology will reduce healing time by up to fifty percent and improve the integrity of the Tooth Implant and bone bond.

This technology is being used by many Tooth Implant companies, including 3i, Bicon and Astra Tech. Straumann’s SLActive implants, specifically, have been well received by US dentists, however a survey indicated that many dentists using the SLActive implants didn’t realize they incorporated nanotechnology. A majority of the dentists surveyed said that among Tooth Implant companies using the technology, 3i was the name that was most recognized readily.

The Tooth Implant companies have made another major step forward that could have a significant impact on the industry. The Immediate Load Implant is inserted and “expanded” to cover in the bone opening immediately which gives the implant greater stability than is normal at the initial stage of implant procedures. The FDA has approved the Immediate Load Implant, which has been praised for its ability to cause minimal swelling or bleeding.

Tooth Implant companies are always looking for the next big technological breakthrough that makes Tooth Implants easier to afford and less painful for larger variety of patients. With ever-growing lifespans, meaning that more more natural teeth will need to be replaced, the Tooth Implant companies should be busy for many for many years to come!